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Always Moving Forward

My name is Kathy I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec. I’ve also lived in Ontario for almost 8 years, BC for a total of 8 years and I now live in Edmonton for the past 11 years...

I’m a professional photographer by trade for the past 14 years, I also taught voice and piano for 15 years. I am currently an independent consultant for Rodan+Fields Skincare (the #1 skincare brand in North America) for almost 5 years. While living in Ontario I started a music school which quickly grew to over 300 students with 8 quality instructors in 3 years.

I’m a singer and musician. I’m an artist and have sold some of my jewelry and paintings...

I’m a hard worker, dedicated and love putting myself out there to learn new things.

My husband and I have been married for 22 years! We have two adult boys and I’m a GLAMma to the sweetest little girl. I love my husband and my family with all my heart. They are my why ~ The reason I strive for more each day. I am a Christ follower. I love warm weather. The beach is my ideal spot (why I live in the coldest part of Canada I will never know 😉) #godhasasenseofhumour

What you may not know is that 6 years ago I had a heart attack (SCAD) which changed my life. And 3 years after that I had a car accident which took me out of work for over 4 months with a concussion and physio therapy. I have always loved working hard. Working 4 jobs was not uncommon for me... But what these 2 events taught me was that my family means more. I needed a change how I work and I needed to figure out how to do that.

There is nothing I love more than sharing my life with others; the good, the bad and the ugly 😉 I’ve been thinking about doing a BLOG for a while... I like to think things over before I decide to commit to something, and this is no different...

As the title suggests this blog will be about my daily actions and life lessons I’ve learned as I’ve been reaching out towards success. Success isn’t a destination. It is something you are constantly moving closer to. So if you want to learn through my mistakes, my growing pains my highs and lows, that is what you’ll find here.

I will be honest 💯 #thetruthwillsetyoufree if there is not honesty what is there...

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1 Comment

Jeremiah Raible
Jeremiah Raible
May 05, 2021

This is great!! Looking forward to more!

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