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Entrepreneurs  Journal


Welcome to my personal journal of the experiences and lessons I've learned from 20 years of entrepreneurship.  Here we'll discuss:

>What worked and what didn't<

>Facts vs Feelings<

>Working through the highs and lows<

>How to become better every step of the way<

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Here's something to think about…. Have you ever really considered what your motivations are behind your actions?

Sometimes, I feel like life gets a little crazy busy and we end up doing things on autopilot. A+B=C. It’s normal. We all do it. We get so wrapped up in producing or in striving for our goals, in accomplishing the final result that we forget why we are doing what we’re doing in the first place. After a while, the daily activities we used to love or that brought us great purpose and joy become a grind that is not so enjoyable anymore. When that happens, it’s important to stop and reassess.

Obviously, it would be better to catch ourselves before we get to this point, and even though I think that this is something that we can be purposeful to accomplish, I recognize that it can be hard to catch ahead of time. I think that more often than not we end up in a place where we are frustrated and maybe even feeling a little disillusioned because we get so caught up in the stresses that life brings that we simply forget.

I think that one way we can keep on track is we should always remember the why behind what we do

I think that one way we can keep on track, while we’re doing all the “things” to build whatever we’re striving for our futures, is we should always remember the why behind what we do. Are you doing the “right thing” (whatever that is for you in accomplishing your goals) to get a result? Or are you doing the “right thing” because it’s the right thing to do? Doing what is right, regardless of if it will produce your desired goal, because it is the right thing to do will make what you’re doing a lot more meaningful than achieving that goal.

It is taking the need of the other person ahead of your own need. It is helping someone regardless of whether or not it will be reciprocated. Being kind and thoughtful, always. Having only the motivation to give rather than to receive is hard to do. It feels like it goes against our very own needs. It seems like it goes against achieving our goals, or quotas or expectations from our higher ups… but in all honesty, I think that by being motivated to do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, rather than because you will get your desired result in the end, is exactly what needs to be done to develop trust and understanding between yourself and the person you’re helping. Doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do is what will bring you to where you need to be.

It is taking the need of the other person ahead of your own need. It is helping someone regardless of whether or not it will be reciprocated. Being kind and thoughtful, always.

This world is filled with people telling us what we need to do, where we need to go, who we need to be and when we need to get there. What they aren’t doing is caring for the

Individual and realizing their specific need to providing what is best for the individual. Obviously, an advertisement can not be specific to each person, but we can. We can do what’s right for that one person, because it’s the right thing to do.

We can help them receive the help they specifically need and care for what they specifically need. I think that is what is missing in a lot of the “people businesses” that are out there. We’ve lost the individual care that is necessary to help people…

We don’t go into the people business (whether that be in sales, teaching, ministry, yoga or whichever line of work you’re in that has people in it that excites you 😉) to have them bend at our whims. We go into these areas because we care about people and we want to help them and provide something for them that they want or need. Being in the people business is the business of caring for others. It all makes sense when our motivations are in the right space. It gets confusing when it’s not.

Doing what’s right because it’s the right thing to do is what will bring you to where you need to be.

Are you in the people business? You probably are and may not know it. Even if you’re a stay at home mom you’re in the people business. If you’re feeling frustrated or disappointed with where you’re at, take this time to assess and make sure your motivations are in the right place. If they’re not, then now is a good time to shift and find out ways that you can do the next right thing.

I’ve been thinking about my life lately. I’ve been thinking about how the choices I’ve made recently have made a huge impact on my life, my time, my freedom, my happiness, the way I feel and look. I’ve been thinking about what had made the biggest difference in my life and why it has been such a huge change for me.

I just want to premise this by saying that I have not arrived by any means at the goals I have for my life. I have certainly seen change and seen movement in the right direction, but I have not arrived. Some things are dependent on others and a lot are dependent on my willingness to grow so that I can move past whatever is blocking me in the moment. And if I’m being honest, I don’t think we ever really do arrive, and neither do I think we should ever expect to “arrive”. Once we feel that we have and we stop moving towards anything we have as goals, we start to regress and can find ourselves either in the same place we were before we started or in an even worst position.

This is something I really do believe in. When I take a look at my health and my business it makes perfect sense. Consistent effort in the right direction will bring you closer to your goals. You hear that time and time again on podcasts, and books and compelling GIFs. I don’t think that concept is hard to understand or that anyone can even refute that… so why is it so hard for us to be consistent?

When I look at the changes in my body lately, I can see that I am moving in the right direction, I have lost weight, I am stronger, I feel better, I even sleep better and I’m excited to wear things I haven’t been feeling comfortable wearing for quite a while. Now my confidence is building and I know that by continuing this focus and commitment to myself, that I will be healthier and proud of my accomplishments… if I stop, even for a little while, I will start having thoughts that I’m too tired to workout, or that I don’t have the time, or that maybe it doesn’t matter as much because I’m older now or maybe because it’s going to be sweater weather soon LOL… whatever thoughts pop into my head to give me permission to take a break, “enjoy” what I’ve achieved and rest… but do you know what will happen if I do? It will be harder to start up again when I see that my pants are getting tighter, when I’m back at eating snacks that aren’t good for my body. I will start gaining weight and the muscle that I’ve been building will get soft again and I will have to start all over again.

Don’t we do that to ourselves all the time? I think that consistency is the best practice because not only are you building on your last effort and getting stronger and moving farther because of it, you are also making it easier on yourself to keep going. Instead of losing your momentum and having to start all over again from scratch! That is the worst feeling. Knowing that you have to start again… so why do we do that?

I think that consistency is the best practice because not only are you building on your last effort and getting stronger and moving farther because of it, you are also making it easier on yourself to keep going.

Being a business owner, consistency is the name of the game, even when the results are slow going. Knowing what we understand about consistency, we know that staying in the game, doing the do every day will help us gain momentum, build confidence, strength and keep moving us forward. Stopping or being inconsistent makes every effort feel harder than it has to.

So again… why is it so hard for us to remain consistent? Well, to be honest, I have no clue. I think there are a lot of factors that I don’t have time to mention in this blog post. Maybe we can go through them at a later date… I do know that I don’t have all the answers. And I don’t really want you to think that I think I do. What I do know and what is really important is that we should strive for our goals every day. We don’t have to be perfect at it. We can and will make mistakes. That’s all totally ok. But we have to keep going. That’s a non negotiable. And I personally think that having people doing it along side you is one of the best ways to remain accountable, pushed and encouraged and remain consistent.

I love my business and helping people with their skin. I’m thankful that there are many sideline sisters that walk with me and help me each and every day. Knowing that I’m not alone brings me joy. I hope that you find the same kind of encouragement on your journey or be a part of a community that is non competitive towards you and is completely supportive, wanting nothing in return.

It is invaluable ❤️

My husband and I are football fans. It really started a year ago for me, but I can definitely say that I enjoy that game! We love the Kansas City Chiefs and I personally love to watch how they work together as a team.

Being on a team means that there aren’t any one player that can stand alone. Each player is absolutely incredible at what they do, but their individual contribution is vital to how they all achieve their goals together as a team. They can only go far by working together, respecting each other and listening to the direction from their leaders.

Are you coachable? Do you need to be the loan wolf or can you use your gifts, talents, strengths and ideas to make your team great, and in turn become great yourself?

Being on a team doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opinion, or a say, or the right to speak out. What it does mean is that you should explain your points of view and in turn listen to others as well.

If you consider yourself coachable then you should be able to take advice from those who have gone ahead, been there longer and want what’s best for you. The hardest thing about being coachable is learning. We often think that we know what’s best. But when we’re on a winning team we realize it takes a whole lot more work and more consistency than originally anticipated. Sometimes hearing that what you thought is good enough, in fact isn't, is hard to hear and accept. I get that. I had thought that I would have achieved a certain level in my business a whole lot faster than the reality. When I had approached my leader she had said that, I needed to do more X,Y,Z. I thought I was, and that I was already doing enough!

The reality? I was wrong.

Accepting that others on your team, your leaders, those who have been there before, they may in fact know more than you. That’s just the way it is. They’ve already experienced most of the issues you’re facing. They’ve already conquered those fears. They have the tools in their tool belt to help you. Can you have a different opinion? Absolutely! That’s just normal. Can you want to go do your own thing? Yes you can… but will that really help you in the end?

I guess time will tell.

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