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Are You Coachable?

My husband and I are football fans. It really started a year ago for me, but I can definitely say that I enjoy that game! We love the Kansas City Chiefs and I personally love to watch how they work together as a team.

Being on a team means that there aren’t any one player that can stand alone. Each player is absolutely incredible at what they do, but their individual contribution is vital to how they all achieve their goals together as a team. They can only go far by working together, respecting each other and listening to the direction from their leaders.

Are you coachable? Do you need to be the loan wolf or can you use your gifts, talents, strengths and ideas to make your team great, and in turn become great yourself?

Being on a team doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opinion, or a say, or the right to speak out. What it does mean is that you should explain your points of view and in turn listen to others as well.

If you consider yourself coachable then you should be able to take advice from those who have gone ahead, been there longer and want what’s best for you. The hardest thing about being coachable is learning. We often think that we know what’s best. But when we’re on a winning team we realize it takes a whole lot more work and more consistency than originally anticipated. Sometimes hearing that what you thought is good enough, in fact isn't, is hard to hear and accept. I get that. I had thought that I would have achieved a certain level in my business a whole lot faster than the reality. When I had approached my leader she had said that, I needed to do more X,Y,Z. I thought I was, and that I was already doing enough!

The reality? I was wrong.

Accepting that others on your team, your leaders, those who have been there before, they may in fact know more than you. That’s just the way it is. They’ve already experienced most of the issues you’re facing. They’ve already conquered those fears. They have the tools in their tool belt to help you. Can you have a different opinion? Absolutely! That’s just normal. Can you want to go do your own thing? Yes you can… but will that really help you in the end?

I guess time will tell.

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