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Are You Committed?

I’ve lost 16 pounds over the summer! It’s taken work, exercise, a change in eating habits, a choice to be more active and daily commitment. Now that I’ve lost this weight should I stop, and go back to what I was doing before? Absolutely not!

Commitment to my goals whether they are for weight loss, being fit, achievements in my business, my relationships, whatever they are require commitment! Once that commitment fades, results will be less common, may even stop completely and possibly causing me to revert back to where I was before I started this journey.

We live in a world where essentially everything can be handed to us with minimal effort on our part. We get food from the grocery store - no hunting or farming needed (thank God! I actually think I’d starve to death - I’m a city girl through and through) Cooking can even be quick with microwaves and Insta pots. We work for other people who have done all the heavy lifting in creating sustainable businesses, who pay us for showing up every day and doing whatever is expected in our job description.

I talk to a lot of people, and I find that we often have the most difficulty committing to things that are hard. Hard, meaning that all the effort is placed on us and no one else. Hard because we usually have to start from the beginning, at ground zero. We all know that when we are the ones who have to put in all the effort it can be scary and exhausting at times. It may require some sacrificing to remain committed. It may require a change of mindset to keep going. Failure is also a big deal because it’s inevitable. But is that a bad thing?

The more mistakes I make the faster I learn how to do it correctly the next time. I believe the hardest things of all is commitment. Being committed to the promises we make to ourselves and the accomplishments we want to achieve requires a process that is fully and 100% dependent on us. No one else. We can not blame our lack of commitment on anyone else, or even the situations we find ourselves in. There is always a way to keep going. Maybe we have to be creative, or ask for help, or start doing things that are out of our comfort zones, and don’t really like doing, but I think there is always a way to remain committed and consistent.

I know, you’re probably thinking no ones perfect and you’d be absolutely correct. I’m not even saying, “hey look at me! I’ve got it all together all of the time, every single day”. That is truly not the case. But, what I do know is that when I am committed and I do remain consistent and I keep my goals at the forefront of my mind , and I don’t let my negative thoughts or fears or whatever allow me to make excuses for myself, I see results. I see my goals taking place and I get stronger and a more acute awareness about what my daily commitment is producing.

It’s not about perfection. It never is. But it is about commitment. To yourself, to your goals, to your dreams, to your future self.

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