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What To Do With A "No"

Why is the word “no” the hardest word for people to hear? Everyone has the right to disagree, or not be ready for something, or not have enough information to feel ready to make a decision on something. We all deserve the right to say no when we feel we need to. So why is it such a hard word to accept when you’re on the receiving end?

I think it’s because the word “no” can be taken personally and thereby making us feel halted, unaccepted, disliked or even unlovable. It places doubt in our minds. Somehow, when we are on the receiving end of the word no, it causes us to doubt the very thing we’re asking them to agree with in the first place. I mean, shouldn’t everyone see it our way?

So, why do we place so much value on such a tiny word?

There have been plenty of circumstances that with enough information, trust being created, follow up and just good old time has passing, that a no can turn into a yes. No is never a final statement, especially when dealing with choices made by ourselves and others. No is just a word that allows for a pause, or an opportunity to find out what hinders or to educate. The word no is not a word to be afraid of. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn and grow for both parties involved. It’s an opportunity to find out what is lacking or blocking the request.

Have you ever changed your mind? I know I have. I have been adamantly against something but then after some more information, time and further consideration my tune has changed, even by just a little.

Take this time to think about all the people who have said no to you in the past. Instead of thinking about the hurt that you may have felt when you received that “no”, think about the person delivering it. Be compassionate towards them and maybe it just wasn’t the right time. Consider the fact that life is never just a series of YES’s but a journey from no… to maybe… to someday… to even yes.

Be patient and prepared. Be truthful and educated. Be available and helpful. Be trustworthy and caring of others needs. That is the responsibility of everyone who makes a request. It’s a great place to start.

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