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Fear of Getting Started

Fear is such a real feeling, isn’t it? Especially when we are considering placing ourselves in the position of starting something new. So many thoughts rush into our minds, our chest tightens; we start sweating… It’s not a nice feeling. It feels wrong. It feels like a warning sign from the universe that we should step away slowly… and not ever look back under any circumstances! LOL

One thing to always remember is that, this type of reaction is actually 💯 normal. New things feel scary. New experiences / uncharted territories feel uncertain and make us fearful.

Fear is just a feeling. It is not a form of divine communication (God does not give us a spirit of fear, but power and love and a sound mind) ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear is just a feeling that our minds and bodies create to protect us. It’s not actually a bad thing…. Caution is a good thing! It prevents us from hurting ourselves.

(Ex) Should I jump off the roof? No! No I shouldn’t.. 🙈 ~ Maybe that’s a silly example, but if I were to stand on something high up I would feel fearful of falling… Fear is something that protects us from harm - which is awesome, but it is not something that should protect us from choices regarding our goals, or choices to start something new or when we try to better ourselves.

Once we allow fear to dictate our choices, we’ll never achieve the goals we have for ourselves. We’d never go through the necessary learning experiences, the good and the bad, and maybe some ugly (lol) to become the people we need to be to get to that goal. Truthfully, if it were easy, we’d already be there…

There is one thing I practice, and I think is a very practical thing to do, to help us realize if that feeling of fear is something we should listen to:

Embrace Facts over Fear

Every time you have a feeling of fear what should you do? - Ask yourself what is making you feel this fear? Then ask yourself, is that reason a FACT? Or is that reason a FEAR? I can almost guarantee that if you go along that thread you will find that your FEAR is simply that, fear. It’s not based on FACTS at all, so therefore it’s an untrue feeling.

Feelings have a very uncanny way of convincing us that they are indeed FACT… but they aren’t. Not even a little. Facts have proof, undeniable evidence. Feelings are drawn from thoughts, maybe a past experience of some kind or from words someone may have said to us, doubts. Our future selves are worth a lot more effort than choosing to limit ourselves because of what could, maybe, possibly happen… You deserve to give yourself a fighting chance!

I challenge you to try this! There are so many seemingly real “reasons” we stop ourselves from growing as people; as entrepreneurs, as humans, simply because we are trapped in a thought process that is based on fear.

Break the habit. Be proactive and take charge of your thoughts and actions.

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Jeremiah Raible
Jeremiah Raible
May 19, 2021

💯. Fear is a liar. Press through to do what you are supposed to do.

May 19, 2021
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