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The 10 X Rule: A BOOK REVIEW!!!

I like to listen and read books that will motivate me and challenge me to be better either as a person or be better as an entrepreneur. I’ve read that the most successful people read A LOT! Like A LOT!! Even if they can glean 1 thing that will make them better or that they can implement that will improve their business or lifestyle , it is well worth it.

I have found that reading/listening to various books have either confirmed what I believe or have challenged me to get better. I am not where I want to be, that is 💯 the truth! But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be bettering myself and pushing forward every day. Every step forward gets me closer to where I want to be, and closer to the kind of person I need to be.


I recently finished listening to The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. In my opinion this was exactly what I needed to listen to at the time! I was surprised by how quickly I went through it actually.

Usually I try to read/listen to 1 chapter a day. I could spend more time and finish these books faster but my intention is to learn and implement. If all I’m doing is learning and not working, then I’m using these times of learning as an excuse not to do the work I need to reach my goals. That would be a disservice to myself and to what I want to accomplish in my life.

The 10X Rule was read by the author which I love! You get to hear the true voice behind his words. The real expressions and feelings! I love that.

The thing that I personally needed to hear (but may be something to prepare yourself for) is the way he expressed himself. By listening to this audiobook, I gather that Grant Cardone is a very passionate, driven and expressive man. Someone who knows what he knows and goes after what he wants! He doesn’t play around with making you feel comfortable with the truths he’s taking about.

Success is NEVER something we fall into. It takes work, determination, grit and the willingness to go over and above.

You either get it, or you don’t. You either want it, or you don’t. You’ll either go over and above to get what you want for your family, or you won’t.

He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his words and the truth and severity of that truth was definitely my cup of coffee. (LOL ☕️)

The thing is that most of us don’t have goals just because… we have them because they will change our circumstances and the lives of our families. Truly, there are no room for excuses. We have to do our best and then ramp that up by 10X if we want to see our goals happen. I believe that. I believe that we often want to take the easy route, do the bare minimum and then give up when things aren’t happening the way we want them to. We make excuses and say that it was the wrong time for me, or I’m not cut out for that, or no one would buy from me, or whatever.

The bare minimum allows us to think our situations are out of our control. The bare minimum allows set backs to be in control of our lives. Doing the bare minimum also shows people what they’d be getting into with us… the bare minimum. That is not a great thing to have on our resume.

“Hi I’m Kathy. I only do what I have to. Don’t expect anything more from me. I will wait for you to trust me first before I do anything over and above. I expect people to just give me what I want when I want it and not have to do anything extra to get it.”

Haha 😂 that is what it sounds like to me… If we want to have success in whatever area of our lives, guaranteed, we have to do more than the next guy. We have to work harder and strive and fail and pick ourselves back up, and keep going and do that whole cycle again and again.

I’m definitely not saying that I’m perfect at that! I’m not saying that at all. But what I am saying is that this book has confirmed that success is NEVER something we fall into. It takes work, determination, grit and the willingness to go over and above.

So YES! I would recommend The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. Absolutely! This book is not for the faint at heart. It is for the heart that needs a kick in the pants!

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