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I grew up in an era where supporting other people/businesses may not have been the most popular way to go about things. You certainly shouldn’t be helping your “competition” right? I’ve worked in environments where you most certainly do not collaborate with the competition. It’s an old fashioned view. It’s an old fashioned way to lead as an entrepreneur.

Nowadays we are expected to help one another. To like, comment, share. But is it really that easy? Does support really exist? Do people actually want to help others… I’m not so sure.

During these past 2 years it was encouraging to see how people would purchase from local and small businesses to make sure they stay afloat during all the COVID shutdowns. I would intentionally go and buy various things locally for that reason.

With the “world wide web” it certainly makes sense that there should be in theory more than enough business to go around but finding the right clientele or the right network is still something that takes time and effort. It doesn’t come easily for most. Hearing the word “no” can be debilitating for most people, especially when it comes from the people who are closest to you; those who know your heart; those who we rely on, day in and day out.

The playing field has grown exponentially and so has the learning curve. We need to trust the process and be consistent in whatever field we find ourselves in.

Being able to build trust with people you don’t actually know, who would never “walk by our shop” is more possible than ever before. We have the opportunity to be providing a service for way more people than would be physically possible in the past. But that requires help to break through the noise.

You need to be providing a service that is quality.

You need to be consistent with your communication.

You need to be relative to the people you are targeting.

You need to love helping people.

You need to want to be the best and do your best.

And you need support from others.

When we support one another it means that we understand what is required to be seen. It means that we are not just in it for ourselves but for the betterment of everyone; that we all deserve a fighting chance. Referrals go a long way! It’s not about competition. It’s about support.

When we support one another it means that we understand what is required to be seen.

I’m so thankful that in my business there are numerous women and men who are supportive. They may be in the same business as myself but we help one another. It’s not about competition because we know that developing a business is built on trust and that is built on hard work and dedication. You have to do the work.

You can certainly go at it alone. But what I’ve realized is that when you have a team of people who will help you, hold you up, push you and encourage you, the reasons why you’re “doing it” gets a whole lot clearer and the noise from the naysayers or uncertainty gets a while lot quieter.

If you don’t have that kind of support, we should chat 💛

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