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What Pushes You?

I’m curious… what pushes you? What makes you take action in your life? There are so many things we have to do, want to do, should do, shouldn’t do, can do, willing to do, won’t do… but what actually pushes you to take action in your life?

I grew up in a home where my mother lavished encouragement and praise. (Still does, to this day, and it makes me crazy sometimes) My father would show support in other ways… he was a man of a few words. He was the strong silent type. It’s great to have the love and support from your parents, but what stood out most to me was how my mother never gave up and always pushed for more.

Now, there are a lot of factors that I’m sure I was too young to realize or know about. That’s a given. But where my memories begin is when my father’s business ended and my mother went back to work. My father was in his late forties early fifties and for him (whether true or because of the feelings of huge loss in his life) stopped working. I remember him saying once that no one would hire a 50 year old…

My mother was a hairdresser by trade, had stopped working while I was little and remember my memory is probably pretty choppy. She started her own hair salon business in St. Laurent, QC. It wasn’t ever anything fancy but it was her opportunity to continue making money and a life for her family.

I remember moving from our nice big (big to me) house to a duplex and life became very real for me. I remember my mother working a lot and my father home a lot. I remember walking home from school and feeling the loss because she wasn’t there to greet me anymore. I remember not going on many vacations and always looking for sales (which I admit, I still love a great deal 👍🏻) I remember when I had expressed that I wished she’d be home, I was reminded that my mother HAD to work so that we can live…

I’m sure there are many with similar experiences in their lives, and I’m not comparing my life with yours. I am very aware that everyone’s lives are different and affect each of us differently. But what I remember most is although everything changed for me in my little world, I learned the importance of pushing myself for more in my life!

I saw 2 people who didn’t give up; who refused to allow their kids to suffer; who wanted more and wasn’t going to allow their situation to harm us. Maybe as a kid I was annoyed by all the, “we can’t afford that”, “no put that away it’s too expensive” etc… but what I saw was a lot of hard work and grit. For whatever reason my dad never went back to work another job but I also know that everything my mother was able to accomplish was because my father supported her 💯.

What pushes me? I want stability; I want to be able to support my family; I want to never feel like I can’t do anything about the situation I find myself in; I want to be everything I think I can be and more so that my kids and my grandchildren see the benefits of what working hard, being dedicated and trusting in God can do! My actions and inaction affects more than just me, myself and I. It is my responsibility to make sure that my life can make a positive difference in others.

Our lives can encourage or discourage. Our choices can help or hinder. We’d like to think that we can do whatever we want and, “ who cares! It’s my life! It’s not anyone’s business anyways”. Sure, it may not be anyone’s “business”, but people are watching you regardless. Who do you want to become? What do you want to teach those around you through what you do or don’t do?

For me… this is a very serious and impactful choice. So, allow me to ask again… What pushes you?

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